More ideas for yoga mat printing

If you started with ‘yoga mat printing part 1‘ you will have the basics, but there is so much more you can print with a yoga mat and some acrylic paint!

This post has suggestions for more things to try – I am sure it won’t take long for you to discover your own things too.

Here is a little gallery of yoga mat prints

Find out how to do them in the video.

abstract print made from blotting sheets
an abstract print
green leaf with red border
a leaf filling the gap
a red leaf printed over a green leaf
a red leaf printed over a green leaf
mixing colours in a yoga mat print
mixing up the colours

Watch the video for instructions on more yoga mat printing

Experiment with prints from different textures

I have shown you techniques using string and leaves but you can try all sorts of things; hunt around for interesting textures like pieces of lace, bubblewrap, and corrugated card and press these onto the paint on the mat.