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Emily in studio
The Curious Printmaker website is all about printmaking, especially experimental techniques.

Emily Harvey
I am a Yorkshire based printmaker, I make original prints and run short printmaking courses from my studio near York.

I love to experiment with different printmaking techniques, particularly collagraphs, as this involves an inventive approach with plenty of improvisation.

For collagraphs the printing plate is like a collage made up of different textures and materials. It is printed both as intaglio and relief so the finished prints contain several layers of colour.


Much of my work has a social dimension, created as part of an artist’s residency in a particular place, or in a community setting where people work together on a collective creative project.

If you are passing York Library call in to see the ‘York Panorama’ a cast panel I made, based on peoples’ stories of York. This public art work is  permanently installed on the first-floor landing.

For a bit more history see ‘about me’ here

An inked up collagraph plate ready to print


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Old Berwick collagraph print detail


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rolling ink on the slab for viscosity printing


The Blog

The blog is for everyone who enjoys experimenting with printmaking. New posts every month will keep you supplied with printmaking ideas and inspiration. 

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