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Carborundum paint printing plates

Making plates with carborundum paint is a technique beloved by many printmakers, and once you have tried it you will understand why.

It is a lovely, free painterly technique and you can work quite fast if that suits you. The marks can be very expressive, and the prints often look like a lithograph or evenlike a painting.

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Making plates from wet-and-dry carborundum paper

I think of wet-and-dry carborundum paper as a fake mezzotint because it will create a beautiful velvety toned ground that is reminiscent of this traditional (highly involved and time consuming) technique.

If you want to make flat areas of strong even tone without waiting for glue to dry then this is the technique for you. If you use doublesided tape it is almost instant.

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What is Carborundum?

Stardust from outer space! Carborundum is a form of stardust originating outside the solar system. It was discovered in a meteorite that landed in Arizona. Because of its interstellar origins it is very rare and only minute...

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