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Traditional Papermaking

Visiting Moulin du Verger for a conversation with Jaques Brejoux, (with my pretty rusty French and his pretty good English) felt like stepping back several centuries to a time when the master paper maker was an artist in his own right.

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Preparing paper for collagraph printing

Discover the pleasure of preparing paper for collagraph printing, and help your printmaking sessions flow smoothly at the same time.

Your printing time is precious. You may be paying for time with the press. You may have a job with deadlines that eat into your printmaking time, or children coming home from school cutting your printing session short.

Some interruptions you can’t avoid, butpreparing paper doesn’t need to slow you down. There is no need to stop inking up and mess about with drippy wet paper and soggy blotting paper each time you are ready to print.

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