Here is a collection of mobiles with poems and prints.
The idea is to let moving air currents change the relationships between words and images as they slowly spin.

Matching original prints with ‘found’ words and phrases
The words are things I have overheard, read, adapted or generally stumbled upon. The images are original prints chosen to combine with particular words and ideas.

With a circle suspended above and the weight below, the centre panel quivers and rotates with each breath.

Extra poems
I chose the four or five words for each mobile to suggest movement, sound, fleeting impressions and unanswered questions. Even though the total words are few, you may find extra poems or meanings within the whole when some words are missed out and others appear as they turn in the breeze.

Stay still and watch them change
I hope you will find an engaging element of discovery as the fragmented images and words become whole and separate again, revealing themselves if you give it time. Part of the point is to stop still and look, even if only for a few moments. I had some prototype ones hanging in the kitchen and found myself gazing at them, washing up brush frozen in my hand, lost in thought for I don’t know how long!

Acceptance and connection
These mobile poem-prints are the product of the last two years of solitude and introspection.

For me, the small thoughts and meditations are about acceptance, and connecting with whoever we’re with, wherever we are.

The Curious Printmaker

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