gallery of work and reviews of courses

Gallery of students’ work

All these wonderful prints were produced by students on one or two day courses in my studio. Students range from complete beginners to experienced printmakers. On every course we make several plates and print them in different ways.

What students are saying

“This is the first time I have been on one of Emily’s courses and I would certainly book again. The course was very well organised, with plenty of materials for our use.
Emily struck a good balance between showing us particular techniques and then giving us space to develop them in a personal way.
It was good to be working in a small group, and especially being able to sit in the garden to have lunch and get to know each other.

Many thanks, Emily, for 2 lovely days.”

‘I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this course!
Emily was very friendly and immediately made me feel relaxed. Her instructions were clear and precise and she gave us lots of time to practise techniques. She gave me 1:1 advice without being overbearing so I was able to learn and explore freely but also benefit from her expertise.
The large studio gave us plenty of space to work, and the use of two printing presses meant that we didn’t have to wait long to print our pieces. I really enjoyed this course, learnt lots of new skills and met some lovely people. I would recommend Emily’s courses to others and am already saving up to attend another.’

“I had so much fun and learned so much I’d recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the basics of collograph printing
Emily was very organised and her spacious studio well set out to provide an excellent working space
She was generous with her time and information and not at all precious about her materials or tools and very informative about her methods and techniques
It was exciting to see the results that could be achieved with simple materials
I came away with a stack of plates, prints, ideas and information as well as a desire to do more.”

“I had a lovely day and would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in printing. We were given clear guidelines and instructions but encouraged to experiment and go our own way too. Emily is a great tutor; really well prepared, making even complex processes seem straight forward, and unfailingly positive. I went as a complete beginner and by lunchtime had signed up for the two day extension course. The facilities are great and Emily encourages a relaxed, informal atmosphere that meant it was really enjoyable.”

“I had tried cement collagraph on my own with no success. Emily’s knowledge and experience of the medium is very extensive and she soon showed me where I had gone wrong.

A very enjoyable 2 days and I think we all came away with some good results.”

“I attended Emily’s 2 day ‘Printing for Pyromaniacs’ course and had a great time. Emily was very well organised and had planned the time well, so we got lots done and carried through several techniques.
Emily offered individual support and ideas so all three of us were able to develop our own ideas and experiment with variations on using heat and fire to create plates – we even came up with some new approaches.
I took away a lot of prints and ideas that I will be able to develop on at home – though I would happily do the course again as it was such fun.”

“I highly recommend this course! Emily’s approach is relaxed and combines just the right amount of information and guidance whilst letting us go with out own flow. We were contacted before the course to discuss the themes we were interested in, so the course was really tailored to us.
It was a luxury to have 2 days immersed in printing in such a lovely environment – Emily’s workshop space and the garden were very conducive to creativity. I was delighted with what I had achieved and came away with a stack of colourful prints and a desire to do more!!
Emily really is an excellent tutor!”

“My two daughters and I were greeted by Emily and a blackboard with a welcoming message.
I have been on a lot of Craft Courses, and can only say that Emily’s thoughtful preparation, attention to detail and sense of fun were second to none. She is a true professional. As almost complete beginners we were treated to clear instructions and individual help, and swept along in a delightful flow of creativity. We tried out different ways of preparing plates and printing, then all our prints were displayed on a wall. Emily encouraged us not to plan too much, but to experiment and see what happened. An added bonus was eating our picnic lunch in Emily’s very beautiful garden.”

“The day was full of information and fun! I experienced several techniques, each of which was explained fully and accurately. During the morning, I was able to set up the plates and then after lunch, the real fun began, when I saw each plate come to life in a variety of colours. Each stage was demonstrated, whether it be how to prepare the paint and paper, or how to clean the plate to re-use it. 
I would thoroughly recommend this one day course, but you won’t want it to stop there! I get the feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there will be many more hours spent in exploring the endless, imaginative ways to put ideas on to paper.”

“I loved this course; having day one to prepare the plates and day two to concentrate on printing suited me very well and kept me focussed. 
Emily’s teaching style is very relaxed and she is full of tips and ideas and she provided lots of positive feedback.
I have been attending printmaking classes for the last year and had a little experience with collagraphs but there was so much more to learn. I’ve come away from Emily’s 2 day course feeling much more confident and with lots of new ideas to try out.
Thank you, Emily.”

“This is as an excellent introduction to collograph, ideal for beginners. As I had not used this technique before I learnt a lot and enjoyed experimenting, producing a variety of outcomes.

Really well structured and fun course. I learned the basics (and more!) about collagragh printing over these two days and really want to do more. Emily is welcoming , extremely knowledgeable and demonstrates everything so you can feel confident to get on and have a go. In short … I loved it, and would recommend it to anyone!”

“Emily’s courses are the very best printing workshops I have ever been on. Small groups, expert help and advice, totally inspirational. We all went home with some lovely prints.

One day is good but two days even better! Thank you Emily”

“I attended an extension of the collagraph course – I felt I needed a push onto the next level and boy was I pushed. Emily’s motto when asked “what will happen if” was always ” lets try it” and that gave me the confidence to open my mind to the ” What If” syndrome and not to be frightened of trying new things.
I left with a large amount of prints , a feeling of a new thing learnt and I had a great day with an excellent and very friendly tutor.
I feel more courses coming on!!!”

“What a wonderful inspiring time we had. Emily was so organised, skilled, and encouraging.
Because the class was small, we had time to experiment. We were so enthused that we plan to
do more ourselves with a newly purchased portable printing machine.
Thank you Emily.”