Learn printmaking in my studio

Course programme 2020

Because of corona virus restrictions, this year the course programme is pretty flexible. Please check the information below and do get in touch with me if you want to discuss anything.

The courses this year are now fully booked but as there is a high chance that some people will not be able to come due to local lockdowns, if this happens it is likely that I will put on extra courses. I am collecting  names ‘in reserve’ so if you are interested in a course marked as full please let me know.

inked up rollers

Just Printing; 4th August

Once you have made your plate you are only half way there. The way you ink it up can produce a very varied range of prints; sometimes it is hard to believe they all came from a single plate.

During the day we will explore different ways of inking and printing a plate; using and combining colour, intaglio with relief, over printing and collaging elements into the print.  Bring your own plate and/or make a new one on the day.

red print from etched lino

Lino etching; 6th / 7th Aug

Etching lino is very different from traditional lino cuts; you can create a huge range of effects from free and soft brush marks to sharp graphic detail and fine drawn lines. Create rich layers by etching the plate to different depths, and combine relief and intaglio inking for prints with subtle or vibrant colours.

An added benefit is that the technique is easy on your joints and hands as the surface is painted not cut.

See lino in a new light; on this two day course we will make a series of plates exploring the range of marks you can create by etching lino, and print each plate in several different ways

Extending Collagraphs; 20th / 21st / 22nd Aug

All the basics of collagraphs and more. This lovely printmaking technique can be approached in so many different ways, we will experiment with a range of materials including cement, glues, carborundum and found materials.

This flexible course is suitable for those wishing to develop their current collagraph work and the exact content will be planned around your needs.

The three days are designed to give you an inspiring break and lift your creative spirits!

Chine Collee; 5th/6th Sept

Chine collee is a collage technique that incorporates extra layers of colour, text and imagery to your prints.

We will make our own glue and create our own chine collee papers as well as exploring a range of ‘ready made’ papers with images, text, maps and more.

mono prints from nature workbench

Nature Printing; 8th Sept

Mono printing is direct and immediate, each print is unique and you will make quite a few on this one-day course.

Using moss, seaweed, leaves, feathers, seeds and grasses, this is a lovely course for gardeners and naturalists as well as printmakers.

This particular technique enables you to reproduce intricate details very clearly, as well as experiment with colour combinations and design.

Viscosity mono printing; 10th Sept

The viscosity method produces infinite variations on multi coloured prints. This day is a freewheeling adventure into the world of colour.

The handout explains how it works but this doesn’t always explain the surprising results!

Your questions answered

 white snail logo    If the information here does not answer all your questions please contact me

How much is it, and how do I book a place?

Courses cost £80 per person per day.
Please contact me to check there are spaces available. I will send you a booking form with joining instructions.

The fee includes unlimited paper, ink, drinks and biscuits as well as illustrated course handouts.

All materials and equipment, including two etching presses, and specialist large rollers are provided.

Everybody makes several plates and a collection of at least 10 prints to take home.

You may want to bring your own apron, but I have some here, as well as plastic gloves.

The only thing you need to remember to bring is a packed lunch!

Where is The Studio, and what's it like?

The studio is at Copmanthorpe, just off the A64, about 4 miles south of York in North Yorkshire (YO23 3TG). This is on a bus route, (13 and 840 from York Station) and there is plenty of parking on site.

The studio (3m x 9m) is in the 1-acre garden. It has lots of windows and a wood burning stove so it is very cosy when it’s cold outside. Two presses (Rollaco and Hawthorn) mean there is rarely a queue.

Out side space
French doors open onto a hard area with another big table and chairs so there is plenty of room to work outside when the weather is sunny.

Workshop area
The workshop attached to the studio has an exhibition wall so we can see all our work developing, this way of sharing and viewing work has proved very popular with students.

It also has a seating area, small library of printmaking books and, of course, drinks and biscuits.

At present the toilet is a 50m walk (in the house) and is up 2 shallow steps.

What time do courses start and finish?

Courses run from 10.00am till
If you are booking a course for a small group we can arrange times to suit you.

Is it the right level for me?

All courses are suitable for both beginners and those with some experience.

You don’t need to be able to draw, or have any particular art experience. In fact several students have come along to accompany a ‘creative’ friend or partner and discovered that they are really quite creative themselves.

If you already have experience of printmaking, the methods and techniques you learn on these short courses will add to your practice, and inspire new avenues of creativity. If you are a beginner I hope the courses will get you hooked on printmaking!

You don’t need to prepare anything before the course, we get all our ideas as we go. However if you want to bring a sketchbook or something you are already working on that is great.


What if I can’t make a course I have booked?

This summer everybody is finding it difficult to plan, so I am trying to keep things flexible. Please give me as much notice as possible if you can’t come on a booked course. We will try to arrange an alternative date if possible, otherwise you can transfer your booking to next year, or have a refund of your deposit. 

If for any reason I need to cancel a course will I give a full refund or re-arrange a new date to suit.

Can I arrange extra dates?

Yes. If you can’t make any of the programmed dates, just gather a group of 3 or 4 people together and we can fix a date that suits. Choose from any of the advertised courses or we can devise one especially for your particular group.

How will corona virus affect courses?

Working safely
I want everybody to feel confident and safe, with no fear of catching or giving the virus. At the same time I think we need to balance this with the sense of group working and interaction, which makes the experience of coming on a course here such fun. The inspiration and encouragement we can give each other feels even more precious now.

We are lucky to have plenty of room for flexibility here, and I have re-arranged the space to enable us to spread out more than usual. As there are various places to work I hope these changes will help everybody feel confident about working safely and sociably.

  • One press moved in to the workshop adjoining the studio, with a table for working at.
  • Also a press in the studio with all the usual benches and tables.
  • Open doors at both ends of the building mean air flows through (best to bring a fleece as it can be breezy!)
  • A big table and chairs outside to spread out in the workshop, for group discussions, and eat lunch if the weather is fine.
  • Hand wash gel, surface cleaner and wipes are provided in the loo, studio and drink making area, and wherever else needed.
  •  I am asking everybody to bring a mask for times when we need to work more closely together.
  • Drinks etc; Make your own drinks with everything provided here, or bring your own if you prefer. You won’t miss out on biscuits but these will be pre wrapped things like kit-kats! Bring your own packed lunch as usual.