an experimental approach

Experimental Printmaking Courses

For many years I have worked as an artist with groups of people in different community settings. One thing this has taught me is that whatever our situation, age or ability, humans are creative beings. We need opportunities to engage with the world, to try new things and test ideas out. This kind of creative activity works best with companions to encourage us and celebrate unexpected results. The process is fun, challenging and life enhancing. Providing people with the chance to do this is why I love teaching.

I particularly love teaching experimental printmaking because it incudes so many elements as well as ‘art’. In one day you may find you are an engineer adjusting the press, a chemist mixing ink, a philosopher exploring meaning, or a scavenger collecting materials, as well as many other aspects of yourself yet to be discovered!

So these courses are not just about gaining skills, although you will do that, but also about creative problem solving and developing a curious attitude that will keep your own work original, continuing to sustain you long after the course is over.

Studio courses

I have been running printmaking courses for small groups in my studio near York for over 10 years. I love introducing beginners to printmaking, and also encouraging more experienced printmakers to experiment with new techniques.

This is a chance for you to enjoy time in a working studio with all the smells (mmm linseed oil….), specialist equipment, space to make a mess, and general buzz of creative chat. All the materials you need are included, as well as drinks and biscuits.

The idea is to provide time out from your everyday life for some focused creativity with technical support and direction to suit your needs.

A new programme for 2012 is coming soon. Please contact me to add your name to the mailing list for priority information about the courses programme.

Workshops with groups

I am often asked to run workshops for groups as part of an exhibition or educational programme. This is a great way of getting more people involved in printmaking. I bring a portable press and all the materials needed; for many people this is their first go at making prints with a press.

Please get in touch if you  are interested in a workshop.

On-line courses

Since starting the curious printmaker blog I have had requests for online courses from people who can’t get to the studio. I was uncertain about this at first, as one of the most satisfying things about courses is getting together and bouncing ideas around. However I soon realised that virtual courses offer many other advantages, and a sense of group involvement is still possible by using forums.

The online courses will cover much of the same material as the studio courses, but the timing is different. Instead of a packed day or two of non stop creative activity, you take them at your own pace. The material will be structured to support you over an extended period, giving time for a more considered and sustained development of your creative work.

See what students are saying

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