a series of prints inspired by pears

Conference pears

When I was picking pears from the tree in our garden I was struck by the enormous variety of shapes, unlike anything you generally see in a shop. I started drawing the shapes and became quite obsessed with them. I particularly like the allusion to women being pear shaped, or things that go ‘wrong’ being pear shaped.

Through this process of exploration the pears took on personalities of their own, and relationshops seemed to develop between the different characters.

I spent a long time experimenting with different plate making techniques to get a good pear skin texture, and to balance this with the background texture and colour.

Conference Pears collagraph print

The finished print – yes they were conference pears!

Exploring pear shapes through drawing and mono printing.

Testing out different ways of making plates; gesso, gels, carborundum, drypoint…. I finally settled on aluminium foil over sandpaper to create the texture of pear skin.

Collagraph printing plate

This mountboard plate has textured wallpaper as the background, the pears are made from sandpaper with aluminium foil on top.

A little print from the gesso and foil plate. This pear is flirtatiously looking over its shoulder.