Leaves eaten by insects

a series of mono prints from nature

Leaves eaten by insects

This collection of six mono prints explores the beauty of decay and transformation.

I started collecting insect eaten leaves when I discovered a bed of viburnum in Morrisons car park in York; it seemed that the beetles had written messages on the leaves, the holes had a distinct logic and the negative embroidery fitted the form of the leaf in a very satisfying way. Since then I have returned to the car park for more supplies and also found other plant/insect (and slug) combinations that beautifully embody the cycle of nature.

For more information about how these mono prints were made please see the blog post ‘successful leaf prints’. I also regularly run courses in printing with nature.

Viburnum leaves eaten by insects

The original virburnum leaves showing the work of the viburnum beetle in Morrisons car park.

Hostas eaten by slugs

Mono print with a dark background showing the work of slugs.

Hostas eaten by slugs II

The same hosta leaves mono printed without a background. For those who like technical information the thin black outline was the result of printing the leaves previously with a dark background.

Dock leaf eaten by insects

This lacy dock leaf had almost disappeared, it was very fragile but managed to produce several prints.

Dock leaf eaten by insects II

The same dock leaf with a clear background.

Leaf cutter bees

These little bees return to the same rosebush every year to cut out leaf circles. They use these to make individual nests for their grubs.

The resulting leaves reminded me of faces or ancient helmets.