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One minute drawings to unlock creativity

The sense of calm energy generated after making one minute drawings for as little as 10 minutes can stay with you for the whole day and inform the rest of your work.

It is quite a revelation to realise that you can set yourself up so easily to produce a series of lively and spontaneous drawings.

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Print from an ants nest

The urgent need to print can strike at any time: I was getting stuck into some serious gardening and started to move a stack of concrete paving slabs, which had been leaning up vertically for some time.

Between two slabs I discovered a wonderfulconstruction, like a map of abandoned catacombs. The work of thousands of ants, now long gone.

Here was inspiration – I urgently needed to preserve it as I could already feel a print forming in my mind.

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Mirror drawing

You may remember learning in biology class about the way our eyes receive images onto the retina that are actually upside down AND reversed, these are interpreted by the brain so we see what we think is ‘normal’. Mirror drawing plays around with this idea to help you see things with new eyes.

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