Category: Materials

Cast Latex Printing Plates

This is the best thing I have found so far for taking impressions of textures from 3d objects and then printing them directly. Latex picks up precise fine details, moulds round contoured shapes and stretches out flat. The thin rubber plate takes intaglio and relief ink and you can print it with or without a press.

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Cleaning up printmaking inks

I think my first question ‘why clean up?’ is the wrong one to be asking. Cleaning up is an integral part of the printmaking process and one we should embrace in the manner of the Zen monks. It clears your mind after a printmaking session, providing a pause to your rhythm of work. If you spend time developing a cleaning up routine that suits you, the ritual soon becomes part of your creative practice.
A meditative cleaning up process helps you to love your tools and care for your studio space, leaving it ready to begin your next bout of creative activity.

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