Category: Metallics

Gilding with Acrylic Gels and Toner Foil

Brighter than metallic inks and more varied (and cheaper) than metal leaf, gilding with acrylic gel and toner foil produces a brilliant effects, ranging from dense mirrored areas, and raised textural gilding to a fine sheen of gold revealing the image below or a curtain of tiny golden dots and lines over a print.

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Print from an ants nest

The urgent need to print can strike at any time: I was getting stuck into some serious gardening and started to move a stack of concrete paving slabs, which had been leaning up vertically for some time.

Between two slabs I discovered a wonderfulconstruction, like a map of abandoned catacombs. The work of thousands of ants, now long gone.

Here was inspiration – I urgently needed to preserve it as I could already feel a print forming in my mind.

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